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We created a unique mobile application to help companies and other interested stakeholders in reaching students and younggraduates.

Through our intuitive platform you can publish different types of relevant offerings and content straight on to the app as well as keep track of applications and other interactions with said content.

dibbs discounts


Students don’t often use tailored discounts since there is a lack of clear overview. With Dibbs you get the opportunity to share your benefits with them in an easy, accessible manner.

dibbs events


Student like to go to events, both fun and professional ones. Both types of events have their place on the application. Including yours.

dibbs jobs


The core of the application. Showcasing your different job opportunities, no matter the contract type. Whether it’s an internship, student job or a starter job.

dibbs news


The newsfeed on our app is designated to inform students about trends, tips and other insights. This provides you with the opportunity to share information and work on your employer branding.

How can Dibbs help you?

More than 80% of students combine their studies with a job, yet companies still have difficulties reaching them. Dibbs offers an extra channel to communicate directly with students and young graduates and showcase your company and its offerings.

Are you a business who provides something to students or young graduates, but aren’t necessarily looking to recruit them? Dibbs allow you to place content on the app and increase your visibility and engagement. Whether you are a small business offering a discount or an organization offering workshops, webinars or advice, we have a space for you.

Students associations are often forgotten in current initiatives. 

For them, Dibbs can act as an extra communication channel towards students to inform them about all the upcoming events and their own partnerships and initiatives.

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