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The "War for Talent" has become the new normal as filled job vacancies become increasingly scarce. The Dibbs team has been studying and analyzing this trend for several years and has built a community of over 59,000 students in Belgium.

The Dibbs app focuses on higher retention and employer branding at an early stage. This is achieved through four types of content: jobs, discounts, events, and personal growth. After a successful initial round of capital funding with international investors, Dibbs is ready for the next step.

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Company Name
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Fleggs BV (Dibbs)
Cockerillkaai 11/16, 2000 Antwerpen

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Some of Our Investors

Steven Robben
COO Laco
Operations & BI Expert
Ralph Van Zanten
Director Flexprof NL
Staffing Expert
Kenny Desmet
Digital Mgr Trademart
UX Expert
Gabriel Geuskens
Director Flexprof NL
Staffing Expert
Katleen Clappaert
CFO Partena
Financial Expert
Carl Dotremont
Partner Bloom Law
DPO, M&A Expert
Pieter Moeremans
No Code Tech
An Van Den Bulcke
Business Dev UGent
Startup Coach

Why people invested in Dibbs

✔ Team with over 15 years of experience in HRtech, community building, and the student ecosystem
✔ Development of an app focused on relevant content and mental well-being
✔ Sustainable potential for HRtech: interest from the Netherlands
✔ Becoming a key player in the War for Talent
✔ Collaboration in self-sovereign identities (SSI) & digital vaults ecosystem
✔ Multiple strong partnerships and pilot projects defined
✔ Understanding of the target audience and use of a tailored tone of voice
✔ Successful capital round already completed


Dibbs was founded in 2021 by and for students to provide a sustainable alternative for the War for Talent. A capital round of €150,000 accelerated the growth of the Antwerp-based company, and they plan to launch Dibbs in the Netherlands in the summer of 2024. The 6-person team led by Pieter Seyssens focuses on improving and better understanding the current student ecosystem.


In 2023, the War for Talent is the new normal. What sets Dibbs apart in this regard? The Dibbs app increases user retention by focusing on four different types of content: discounts, jobs, events, and personal growth. Users find an extensive list of up-to-date offers and can also share their own content. Dibbs targets students from the age of sixteen, allowing users to use the app throughout their entire student life until they graduate and enter the job market. During this time, a student is supported in enriching their profile to prepare for the job market. Dibbs also attracted the attention of Dutch investors, enabling an expansion to the Netherlands in the summer of 2024.

Growth plans

Dibbs is actively launching communication campaigns to achieve a growth of 2,500 students per week. By next summer, Dibbs aims to have a community of over 150,000 students in Belgium. To achieve this goal, additional staff will be hired, and budgets will be used for the necessary communication campaigns. At the same time, Dibbs aims to strengthen the synergy between companies, government institutions, and students within an ecosystem. This funding campaign will provide the necessary support to achieve these objectives.



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